Industries Served by Electronic Precision Specialties, Inc.

Electronic Precision Specialties, Inc. has the reputation in the plating industry for resolving complex plating projects and developing a quality production process. We pride ourselves on the consistent quality  and high regards we have achieved through this mind-set amongst our  associates. Our team approach for problems was designed with a DOE for specific processes, thereby mitigating the problems and concerns of our customers and potential customers.

Among the industries served, we are proud to include the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Electronic and Medical Industries as our customers. Because of the High Reliability of programs within these industries, EPSI utilizes training programs for all of our associates to current standards. Our software programs are attuned to precision maintenance of systems, tracking, and our ISO 9001 Quality System. All processes are under the compliance mandates of the RoHS,WEEE,ELV initiatives. These parameters have assisted with the confidence developed between us as a supplier/customer relationship.

Some examples of the individual industries we serve are:


radar arrays, satellite housings, avionics, missile  components, connectors, electrical shields, cable assembly parts, etc.


hydraulic line components, air bag triggers, gearing  components, connectors, supercharger parts, shock absorber housings, etc.


armament components, electrical housings, antenna  components, lighting, missile components, underwater sensors, cable assembly  parts, etc.


circuit board test parts, connectors, servo motor components, microwave test equipment, contacts, microelectronics, seals, solar,  etc.


oxygen sensor components, inhaler components, implant components, battery components, hypo-tubes, coil connectors, seals, interconnect shield parts, cable assembly parts, etc.


It is the policy of Electronic Precision Specialties, Inc. to  promote a positive customer experience. We are dedicated to meeting our customer  requirements thru continual improvement of our quality system so that we can  ensure economy, efficiency, and complete customer satisfaction.