Rack, Barrel & Vibratory
Plating Services

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Electronic Precision Specialties, Inc. (EPSI), the Premier Precision Plating Facility in Southern California

We specialize in rack, barrel, and vibratory plating of metal stampings, screw machined, EDM, and CNC machined parts. We provide electroplating of Gold, Silver, Nickel, Rhodium, Tin-Lead, Copper, and Palladium-Nickel per our customer's requirements.Rack, Barrel & Vibratory Plating Services
Rack, Barrel & Vibratory Plating Services
Gold Plating: Low contact resistance, excellent bondability and solderabilitySilver Plating: Excellent lubricity, high electrical and thermal conductivityNickel Plating: Corrosion resistance, good barrier plate and wear resistanceTin-Lead Plating: Improved solderability over long periods, prevent whisker growthRhodium Plating: White bright finish for excellent wear and corrosion protectionCopper Plating: Provides good foundation for corrosion resistance and solderabilityPalladium-Nickel Plating: Corrosion resistance, low porosity, low contact resistanceFor daily fabricated metals pricing for precious metals from Englehard and Handy & Harmon click here.It is the policy of Electronic Precision Specialties, Inc. to promote a positive customer experience. We are dedicated to meeting our customer requirements thru continual improvement of our quality system so that we can ensure economy, efficiency, and complete customer satisfaction.
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